Tuesday, August 29, 2017

R2FD version 2.1 (BUG)

*remove tons of bugs
*add USB disk vaccination
*enhance UI

Mitchelle V. de la Cruz                                                        ~DONT FORGET TO DONATE~
Andrea Village II, Zone II
Cadiz City, Negros Occidental
Philippines,  6121
for MS-WINDOWS operating systems & clone.
(c)2017 - Infinite

Read this license agreement carefully before using this software. By using this software in any way you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to the terms of this agreement. If you do not agree to these terms, do not use this software in any way. And instantly delete any copies of this software in your possession.

In no event Mitchelle V. de la Cruz of AEONTIME.BLOGSPOT.COM will be held responsible or liable for any damage or loss arising while using this software directly or indirectly. So, use it at your own risk.

What is this for?
Did you insert your usb disk and voila your files gone missing? or antivirus warn that your usb disk is infected with a virus. Or your infected with USB autorun virus/malware, then this tools will help you.

What does it do?
Recover missing folders and files in removable drive hidden by common USB malware and virus.  Put it simply, it search for removable drive, search for missing folders and files and recover it on desktop.  Another option is to search for all files with *.inf, *.exe *.com, *.bat, *.pif, *.lnk, and *.tmp extension in root of USB disk and erase it, while try recovering folders and files in removable drives, just used this option if you are sure that USB drive is infected with virus and malware.  Additional  features  for  this  version  is USB disk immunization or vaccination against USB autorun viruses and malware. Lastly this is not an antivirus program.

How does it do it?
Basically SECRET, but the truth (arrrgh!) simply, I reverse engineer what USB virus/malware had done.

What will it not do?
It will not remove malware and virus active in your computer memory or operating system. Nor will it allow you to sleep at night thinking you are safe in any kind of virus or malware attack. For that you will need to used antivirus or anti malware software, which, sadly enough, is not written by me... ;-)

How much does it cost?
Nothing! That's right, it's FREE. Gratis. But you can donate or support by sending anything worthy to me, like P295.95 pesos or more(less) via money remittance center. Don't forget to text  or inform me the control code. Don't be hesitate or shy to send,  I need your help to survive on this planet, and to program the best next THING.

Same or identical with this product cost now $20.00 up online, that is why I created this, I am tired of manual doing it and tired waiting someone doing it, its almost 10 years what a delay.

What will it do in the future?
Well, that's pretty depends up to you.   What do you want it to do? just message me any suggestion, bugs, errors, problems or anything.

I would like to thank: GFA-Basic32 Team, specially to Sjouke Hamstra


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