Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Hide folders on your computer, prevent them from appearing in search results and deny any modifications that they might undergo by turning to this app

If you have various sensitive data on your computer and would like to keep it away from unwanted access, the best way would be turning to third-party software solutions, since simply hiding them with Windows' dedicated functions can prove ineffective.

Take NYSMNYD, for example, an application that can help you hide your folders with a twist: you have to set a password and type it in for the folders to be unlocked.

Portable application

This program doesn't require any installation or configuration, as it is portable, and simply unpacking the archive it comes in and launching the executable grants you full access to its whole set of functions.

You also don't need to worry about it creating additional files or folders on your computer, nor modifying any of Windows' registry entries. You can also run it from a removable USB drive or external HDD.

Simple interface

Visually-wise, NYSMNYD's interface is not exactly aesthetically pleasing, but rather plain, as it only encompasses a bunch of old-style buttons, tabs and menus.

On the bright side, the simplicity of its interface makes it even easier for novices to operate its functions, regardless of their PC operating skills or previous experience with similar software.

Hides and unhides folders

NYSMNYD, short for Now You See Me Now You Don't, as its description subtly suggests, can help you hide some of the folders on your computer so that they won't appear as search results and others won't be able to modify them without unlocking them first.

You need to configure a password since once you hide your directories, you will be prompted to type it before the application can unhide them and make them accessible again.

Handy folder protection tool

All in all, if you need a quick way to hide folders on your PC and protect them from further modifications without your permission, you might want to try using NYSMNYD. It requires no setup, comes with a simplistic interface and can be used even by novices.

  NYSMNYD was reviewed by Vlad Constantinescu

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